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September 29, 2014
Energy Videos
Compilation of the numerous web videos done for Energy Makes America Great.  America needs it's oil and gas and coal and doesn't need her gov...
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October 27, 2013
doing business
For the busy- The short version, 2014 rates- $1000 per 10 hour day with my gear, 1.5x per hour 10-12, 2x per hour 12-14 hours.  Billing weekly...
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May 27, 2012
Just Wrapped: The Garden
Coming this fall!: The Garden- A film by Jason Huff. Director of Photography: Michael Pounds. Starring: Autumn Caghuren as Eve, Casey Lloyd a...
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October 15, 2011
The Trouble With Jill
My Intro To Film Class, Fall 2011 just wrapped a funny take off on the Jack & Jill Story.  Directed by Seth Hollomon, the piece is a hila...
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