Coming this fall!: The Garden- A film by Jason Huff. Director of Photography: Michael Pounds. Starring: Autumn Caghuren as Eve, Casey Lloyd as Adam. Executive Producer/ Chief Babysitter, yours truly. A new twist on Mark Twain’s Diary of Adam and Diary of Eve.

Special Thanks to, Charles Wichelo, The Town of Elbert, Colorado, Lighting Services Inc., Eric Anolin &, The Cinemalab,  The out of class students from Colorado Film School, Ryan Flint, Alan Hamilton and all who helped make this a success for my students.  I must say, it was nice to see perfectly exposed and footage that was in focus!

The program has changed for that class, so this was the last class that will have done a project in film.

After many weather delays, resource cancellations, the picture was finally shot on location by my Intro to Film Class this spring. The students shot in Super 16mm using primarily Kodak 250D and 50D and the schools old, but running Aaton Super 16mm packages.   Supervision of beginning film students is much like herding cats, but they all made it through.

Other than a few rolls of film and an hour of telecine, the picture is fully funded by the students and generous philanthropists. Another IndieGogo site is going to raise money for the visual effects and final color correction. Spending 3 weeks on two shots to get grainy upcoverted footage composited, it is clear they need a HiDef scan for the greenscreen work.  Please help if you can.

Congratulations to all of my students for getting this one up and shot!

This should be a fun, and entertaining piece coming out this fall. If you can help in any way, please check their IndieGogo site for “The Garden”

Be sure to check out the rough VFX compositing demo – popup video View Here done for my students.

Special-sneak preview of my instructor rough cut 1:78 version with prelim VFX,(earlier version click here.)