You can now download my how to guide on making a daily schedule/shotlist with images using MovieMagic Scheduling.  The book is a small example of the format and style you’ll see in my upcoming book, Get It To Set on scheduling a feature film, that will be released this fall.

For students or beginners starting out, or even my middle aged pro friends,  that might be, how do you say, computer challenged, this guide is will get you to a clean shot schedule with images, that can be quickly changed and save your hours of pulling your hair out at the last minute as everything changes.

There’s about 35 minutes of video tutorials embedded in the book.  So far, the beginning film student’s who have used it have had tremendous success, so give it a shot.  The price is right and heck, the beauty of the ebook is that if you don’t like it, just delete it from your device.