Full Service Production; In an effort to make sure you aren’t here to buy what we aren’t selling, here’s some details. Regarding production, we are here to create award winning, effective work that works for you.  But, we have a process that allows us to continue to deliver this kind of work.  While the tangible end product is a video file, it is the content, the creative, the execution, the experience and creative delivery that we sell.  This defines us and separates us from what the run of the mill video production house does.  We bring great ideas to the screen that work for our customers.

Production costs are like asking “how long is a piece of string?”, or “how much does a house cost to build?”. There are many variables in the time and resources that are needed.  Additionally, there’s a line in production costs where the project, that suits our customer’s needs, can’t be realized or done well.  We avoid that line.

If you already have a script, productions are quoted on a per job or project basis, They vary from format, to type of production etc.  Jobs are bid using the standard AICP bid form or Motion Picture bid form. Fees for direction and creative are calculated based on the rates below.

If you need creative or a script developed, we do a development agreement for the creation of the script(s) or concepts first.  This is separate from the production contract.  Experience has clearly proven that this is the most effective way to develop material that works and is money spent that works for the customer.  Development starts after an agreement is signed and a retainer is paid.

Once a script or treatment is approved, we will estimate costs for the best scenario-concept, additional estimates will be created upon request and an agreement to compensate production company for the additional “scenario” bidding exercise.

So that we don’t waste everyone’s time, it is best that you have a budget in mind and be willing to disclose that.  This way we can attempt to present the best scenario for you, but, realize, that the needs to produce material that works,  may be outside of your budget range.  As you can see, this could be a huge time waster . There is no point talking about 200K worth of production if you have 5,000 to do a YouTube video.

If you are simply trying to find out a ballpark of what things cost, we are happy to provide that to you in a phone conversation.  We can then point you to examples of work and tell you how much those cost to produce…back then.

Production Costs:  Rates change like everything else these days.  We’ve done some projects complete with talent for as low as 10k, but typical simple “industrial”  range between 25 and 70K by they time they are done.  To do your project right, it takes time and focus.  Unlike the startup, video producers,  we are not trying to build credentials, we have them.  Our experience and advise means you get what works to the screen.

Everything from the script to the props, to the locations, to the number of actors, to the number of effects and the edit, and type of edit affect the cost.  For example, interviewing a couple of executives and putting graphics on a show is one thing, shooting at multiple locations, doing 3d graphics, using actors and actresses, building sets or using locations is entirely different. The style in which the material is filmed also has an impact.  Most importantly, it’s the focus, direction, and execution of the production to make the creative work, that sets us apart from Joe the video guy.

Unlike many who’ve entered the market as video producers with no real film or agency background, we don’t quote based a dollar, or write to a number so to speak.  We are here to get you the best possible production for what you have, but, there isn’t any guarantee that we can create what you need if you don’t have enough money to do it.  We’re good at pulling rabbits out of hats, but, if we’re missing a hat… well, you get the picture.  Additionally, if there isn’t enough budget to do the project the right way, we don’t take your money.  It serves no one well to try and do something that isn’t realistically achievable and an equitable situation.

You may review a sample production contract here.

Payment: We love our work, but we work for a paycheck, just like you! All projects will require a 50-60% percent deposit, a per project production insurance binder purchased as part of the production costs, and cancellation fees apply to all projects.  All projects will have the all or most of  remainder due upon completion of principal photography.  In all cases, final payment with any overages is due upon delivery of the mixed master file or tape.

Development contracts to coordinate or write the scripts, generally run between 2,000 and 5,000 dollars depending on the nature of the project. The minimum retainer is $3500.00, this varies depending on the scope of work necessary to develop your material.

Production Companies must be fully insured with a standard full production insurance policy including inland marine. All projects reqquiring film or video shooting, to include a per project full production and “inland marine” nsurance binder, aerial projects will require an additional  non-onwed aviation policy.

We look forward to hearing from you!