While historian and explorer Brad Edwards was uncovering many artifacts at the “Battle of Milk Creek” battle site outside of Meeker Colorado, he, stumbled upon quite the find.  He had uncovered the remains of 12 dead U.S.Cavalry troopers buried in a mass grave, who died during the bloody attack on our troops.


Since then he set out to pay tribute to our lost Troopers and learned about all of them, found their descendants and put the story together so their story and sacrifice could be told  He has written a book on the battle and the lives of these dead troopers, who remain in their common grave due to political posturing and infighting.

He continues to work to have the brave Troopers bodies dis-interned and given a proper burial at Arlington National Cemetary.

The half hour documentary is seeking funding in the range of 400-600K to do re-enactments of this part of history which, due to the world of PC, remains untold to most Americans. 

Find out more about the battle and order his book here.