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CraftDC:  Emergency Committe for Israel” 3 spots  “Silent Majority” Web Video: Fall 2012 Election, preview popup video here.


ss announce  webtb Network Affiliates Sept. 2012:  Improv Demo Campaign 10 spots RED 4k, Douglas & London customization package, 10 spot Package for Trantolo & Trantolo edited for award winning Director/Producer Tom Baldonado through Crosspoint Inc.. Colorist: Eric Anolin Short Demo Here (popup)

  • Network Affiliates Aaron Sachs Spring 2012 spot campaign over 90 testimonial regionals spots with all compositing. Editor. View Popup Video here. 
  • Independent Development Work:  Numerous political specs and releases, some not available to display, email for private link.
  • Production Supervision-Professional Consultation & Instruction: Hundreds of students have been getting professional training and instruction at the Colorado Film School in Tony Pfau’s film courses and productions.– 2 hours of training podcasts for film makers.  Just guessing,  but pretty sure I’ve managed more film , actual film here than has been shot in the whole market for awhile, just sayin. Recent Instructor Edits and VFX- “The Garden, First Flight, LaVita Va Avanti, Retirement” and more.  

{qtube vid:=2ptaL5ztpyk}


  • Great West Heathcare-HSA-through Kaz Creative (Herme’s GOLD winner see full show here) ,
  • Citizens Alliance for Responsible Energy: Viral Campaign click to viewYouTube Virals
  • Imagine That!: Paramount Pictures, starring Eddie Murphy–Denver unit-  Key Extras Casting Coordinator Asst for Chris Farrell,. Over 2000 man days in 12 days of Denver Shooting.  See Trailer Here.
  • Verizon/ Denver Extras: developed online management of extras for the Verizon production “ski area, you know, the “network guy”  We did not do the production, simply managed the over 200 extras needed to be booked and transported to Winter Park, check it out here. 
  • Kaz Creative: RE/MAX International “Superman“,
  • NRC-Jack 105.5 FM Spots
  • Austin Hip Hop Showcase” – Gutter Kitty Productions- Austin, TX dir/dp August 06
  • Mother’s Window Tint – Regional television campaign -spring, summer 06-dir/dp
  • Fairy Fort” feature DP, director-Laurie Powers, on location, Mason TX, release 9/06 view trailer
  • Death of a Romance” DP/LD- director Jon Brown, Austin TX
  • The Manny Can Effort: cute and quirky animated web series and opinion pieces about the issues facing us and our economy with energy regulation and restrictions.
  • Dishy Dog:  Viral, Product Launch video.
  • FFRCI, Spinflush® Launch video
Outdoor-Television–from unscripted unproduced media.

mkeyser webtb
 NBC Sports-The Buck Stops Here Episode 410, Airs 11/11/12 Tails of the Hunt episode.



be305“Browning Expeditions-Demo  Show intro & 1 Segment created on spec/edit test for Colorado producer. Unscripted hunting shows. Popup Video!  View Intro Here  View Segment Her

Misc Crew (not production company)
  • Atlantic Records- “B.o.B. Don’t let me Fall”– Denver 2010 2nd A.D for 1st AD Robert King.
  • NBA- Chauncy Billups Vaccination PSA-
  • Development of cloud management system for production.
Screenplays recently completed: — “Artifact” thriller, “Newsguys” buddy comedy, developing “A Drip of Time” , “The Dubloon.” (see log-lines in the development section)