This was done when the telecoms were pitching Wall Street about the coming internet boom.  The year, 1994.

I later went on to produce demos about how consumers would use the internet in a secret project called “Project Sylvester”  On top of that, I was shooting demos with devices that later become what we know as iPhone™, iPad™.  At the time, many of us, thinking the micro cell phones were the slickest thing since fire, laughed at holding up what appeared to be a Palm Pilot, or talking to a watch as our phones.

This particular piece was produced just as cell phones moved away from the size and weight of a good sized brick.

It’s here because it is interesting to see how things panned out AND that way back then, we actually used to shoot 35mm motion picture film for high end corporate projects.

If you’ve been around for awhile, this was finished on a CMX system.