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Director Producer DP Work-commercial & historical compilation available. Historical compilation has bits from commercials, industrials, music videos and films. scroll down.


Tony Pfau – Historical Compilation

Stuff from all the years. Work shown is work either produced by, directed by, shot by, edited by, or any combination of the prior. Oh, after the flag, hope you’re sitting down.


Great West Healthcare – HSA Hermes Gold Winner

Sales and promotional video done for Kaz Creative Inc.  Tony Pfau directed, shot and edited the promo to launch Great West Healthcare’s HSA program.  Alas, one of the last, shoot in HD finish in SD …


Stop Stinking Start Vaping

Promo for Vape shop.  Vaping is the most effective way to quit smoking tobacco. I quit smoking by vaping, thanks to the gang at CV, yet now watch as the only effective way to quit …


Director DP | Tony Pfau | Limbo Reel

Working in limbo, or on an empty cyclorama has been one of Tony’s specialties since before it was cool. The work goes far beyond shooting someone against a greenscreen or backdrop.  You’ll notice that he …


The Power of Audio Information

Produced & Directed, Edited for US West Creative Services.


US West Strike Spot

When the communications workers went on strike, US WEST had millions of customers that needed to have their phone service intact.  This spot was done quickly, to assure the public that their phone company is …


US WEST – You Have The Power

Here are two passes of the same show, but, different VO’s and edits. Why you might ask?  Well, the answer is simple, to show how well I can play with corporate clients and adapt  to …


US WEST Seed Money Competition Promo

This is the promo done when U S West sought to support entrepreneurs.  Again, it’s here because it’s style and production was way ahead of it’s time, and again, the tools we had to get …


AT&T Broadbrand – Branding Promo

A fun B2E program for AT&T Broadband’s employees to take pride and take care of their brand.  At the time, budgets got tight following the stock market crash in 2000, but that didn’t stop us …


Aerial Fun Eye Candy | Wescam

Work produced by Tony over the years. Aerial Cameraman Stan McClain operated the Webcam for several projects for Re/Max International, filming hot air balloons from a helicopter.  Also, an interesting look at the Coors Factory. …