AVPfilms will be offering consulting services to business and offering web video training seminars..  As reported in The Economist’s article, ” Words Fail Them” 1, companies are moving to video as the main form of communication, via their web, press releases and even embedded in documents. The written word is being replaced with video and visual communications.  Great news if you’re one of the few that either know, or have a staff that knows how to actually produce these!  If not, we’re here to help.

I’ve been teaching production techniques for universities and the Colorado Film School for over a decade. For businesses, I’ve developed 4 hour seminar/workshops to take people from concept through completion of a viral or web video presentation that actually works and is a cut above the mediocrity.  Do you want to build trust and confidence?  If so, looking and sounding good and considering your audience is crucial. (Be sure to check out my latest article here)  Download Overview Here. The course was originaly titled ” How To Avoid Looking Like a Moron On YouTube.

Certainly, quality doesn’t matter if the content is good, according to Rice University. but, if there isn’t something there when your audience finally gets to your video, will it work?  Does your brand matter. Are you willing to look like a moron on YouTube, just to say you have webvideo?  It’s quite silly these days when there are so many simple things that would take their video up a notch.

Our courses provides simple, but, professioanal tips that will immediately improve your audience experience, pinpoint your message and make you look better to your potential customers.  Seminar modules are conducted by different industry professionals to give the students superiour guidance for their own projects. Simply putting up a video is like dropping a minnow into the ocean, putting up a boring one…hmmm.

Tony Pfau is not only a seasoned film and video production expert but, he has been instructing students at film and broadcast schools for over a decade.  This, combined with over 3 decades of production experience provides a wealth of knowledge available to you as you attempt to navigate the waters of visual production.

Executives and managers now need to be able to deliver visual content that works,

These days, companies aren’t outsourcing to professionals, instead relying  existing resources and labor in their company.  This can be done well with just a little guidance! With video and audio, it’s now PowerPoint on steroids. The digital revolution has made it easy for desktop audio and video editing, but, many in corporate America either don’t have the time to focus or the skills to do the production easily, and their attempts,that don’t look or sound good, can work against their communication goals.

Starting May 1st, 2011, AVPfilms will be available for consultation and offer the seminar training for businesses who seek to begin producing their own viral, internal and external video communications, or improving what they are doing.

The fees are reasonable, call for a quote.

1 Kelloway, Lucy. “Business: Words Fail Them | The Economist.” The Economist – World News, Politics, Economics, Business & Finance. November 22, 2010. Accessed April 03, 2011. http://www.economist.com/node/17493438.