Just released, series of tutorials for film students. The tutorials (no they may not be Avatar3) are basic screen recordings that cover techniques using available free or cheap resources to create documents, set overheads, breakdowns, online document sharing, location scouting compilations for production prep. They are a must for ALL of my students.

Future episodes will be offering many more useful techniques and tips to make existing technology actually work for production. While I’m no Brat Pitt, and it’s right now just screen capture recordings with VO, content is king. They are great for the beginning or even seasoned pros. The tutorials are available on iTunes® as a podcast, search Pfau and Film. Subscribe to Tony’s Tips for Film Students or PfauPod tips for Film Students.  The gold one downloads faster but the blue one is updated faster. However; the tutorials are easier to view HD on my blip.tv show channel http://www.tonystipsforfilmstudents.blip.tv/