Update 2011.  This page is left live for background information purposes.  Tony is mainly focusing on supporting directors, producrs and creatives as an editor and not competing as a production company.  It is still possiible that, given the right project, one of us may be availalbe on a freelance basis, providing that we are supported by producers on our A list and hired through a customer/partner production company. 

Reels are left live to give folks that will be using Tony as an editor, a sample of where he came from.

Certainly you can get someone very cheap to go out with their video camera and edit on thir laptop.  Plenty do, but, if you want motion pictures that speak to your audience and set your company apart, you need good solid direction that brings the creative to life.  From the camera narrative to the perfromance to the art department, a seasoned director makes all of the difference in the world.  And, an industry insider tidbit, the AD calls action 🙂

When you bring Tony Pfau on, you’ll find that he really knows this business inside and out.   avpheaderPerhaps that is why he is so good to have around & why he continues win awards. His “unpaid” references will prove it!  Click on photostrip  to view commercial reel.

His talents are well rounded; a stylized look and feel with the ability to work in big setups or in small intimate studios. Tony brings both a technical flair with and story telling ability that has an exciting and stimulating results. He comments, “I believe in placing dark and finding that next cool thing!”

Tony has a quick cutting style, utilizing many images and mingling subtle and pointed imagery.  In his world, the edit is almost like other shots.  Despite the creative establishment outcry, he was doing this, and winning awards for his work before it became popular.

Recent HD work includes work pushing the limits of the newer mini HD technology as well as as other systems, “ it’s still not film, the digital formats are getting pretty good. I still find I can work better and faster using film, without the geek factor working its way in the way”, but no worries, I can still get story to the screen no matter the media.

What’s even better is getting Tony and Nick on the same job!  With Tony producing and Nick at the Helm, no telling what sorts of magic will start to happen, but the results are amazing!

Nick Dangeur (yes that’s his real name!) has an amazing nack for the quirkiness in humans and gets inside even the most boring to bring it to life.

It was pretty dull around here…for years…until that film guy bought the Jorgensen place…, surely gives this town something to chat about…Oh crimeny jeez…that boy has humorsome imagination..” (etc etc.)”…why…he was lookin for chicken wings with the feathers still on” said one of the nice neighbors. Click on photostrip  to view Nick’s commercial reel.

Now that boy…ohh ya…that boy…now I’m tellin ya…that boy has some ideas…

It’s not that he’s just a nice guy, or that he has a great background; Nick brings a unique comical flair to his projects with a quirky brand of comedy humor that comes from years of working on highly creative and funny commercials. Working experience all over the U S, and with the colorful insight from just “real life” in the midwestern markets contribute to Nick’s quirky look at human nature.

Take that, and blend it with the experience in the Minneapolis market, and you have the ingredients for the unique, funny work that Nick brings to the screen.

“Working with Nick…isn’t really like working…he certainly brings life to the party… it’s funny…that stuff”.

AVPfilms also has the distinct advantage of having access to new and upcoming directors that, Tony has been instructing as they do their film studies.  There are several quite talented directors, and cinematographers, that, with proper guidance, and the right project,  could bring a unique flair to any number of projects.  With the rise of viral and narrative work, this only makes sense.

See reel online, for recent work please contact Tony @ 303-808-4179

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I know it sounds odd, but we work for a paycheck 🙂